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State of grief in a pandemic- confessions of a counsellor

It was 4 years ago when I wrote my last blog and as it happens it was about thanatophobia: the profound fear of death little did I know I was going to go for four years without writing another one, and today I am here to share with you my own experience of grief, for […]

Women suffer with anxiety more than men

Women twice as likely as men to experience anxiety, research finds,” The Guardian reports. A new review that attempts to get a global snapshot of the prevalence of anxiety disorders identifies a number of vulnerable groups. There are various types of anxiety disorder, but generally they involve feelings of unease, such as worry or fear, that […]

Depression Blood test could lead to personalised treatment

UK scientists have developed a blood test to help doctors pick the best drug for patients with depression,” BBC News reports, somewhat prematurely. It is currently unproven whether such a test, based on measuring inflammation, would improve treatment outcomes. Previous research has suggested high levels of inflammation – which is not just a reaction to infection, but […]