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Integrative Therapy

What is Integrative Therapy?

Integrative therapy allows the therapist to combine several different therapeutic approaches and schools of thoughts, depending on the need of the client.

That is, several different theories are blended, in which elements of each are integrated to best help and support the clients.

This brings together the effective, cognitive, behavioural and physiological systems within one person, delivering a tailor made package to address the patient’s needs.


How can Integrative Therapy Help?

This coming together and moving apart is what makes us aware that we are all, each of us, alone. And when I am fully with myself, it is almost enough. Almost. But when you hold my aloneness and I hold yours, when I know we will not hold the necessary silences against each other, I am penetrated by a greater intimacy, an intimacy with the Other, the Mystery that permeates everything, that penetrates and vibrates in my skin, your blood, my bones. It is what makes my breath and your breath the same breath, breathing us all into the next moment. It is here, where my solitude and yours sit side by side that I know this Other that is never completely other, that I meet the I that is not simply myself, that I am truly with the world...Oriah Mountain Dreamer from the Dance


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