Our sessions were deep, inspirational and happily energized

After reviewing a number of potential counsellors I could say that I chose Janaina and Esperansa because of her broad experience in Humanistic and existential experiences, but really it was because her character connected with me through her thoughtful website; and meeting her face to face confirmed how genuinely she had portrayed her self, her intent and her ability to help.

After many years of meditation I had a specific search that I wanted to perform and felt that I needed a guide to help me explore my inner being. Janaina proved to be the perfect guide, who stood beside me and gave me strength while pointing out opportunities as we delved into my emotional channels. Our sessions were deep, inspirational and happily energised which have given me the foundation to explore my emotional energies on my own. We have energised my pool of inner sadness to one of great opportunity.

From my experience, Janaina is more than ‘just’ a counsellor, she is a helping hand for anyone looking for deeper meaning, for inner progress, and for establishing love for our higher conscious Self. Thank you for a great journey together.

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