Amazing, friendly and confident lady

I was unsure about talking to a counseller. From the first session Janaina made me feel relaxed. This amazing, friendly and confident lady helped me to feel relaxed. Her professional approach allowed me to open up and discuss how I was feeling. My confidence and belief within each session gave me the strength to feel […]

She made me feel worthy again

Very friendly and caring, I didn’t feel I was talking to a councillor, she felt like a friend. She made me feel worthy again and helped me work through my feelings and issues in my current and past life. I only wish NHS provided more than 6 free sessions. Highly recommended and a pleasure to […]

She has played a massive part in my recovery

Janaina is an amazing person. She instantly made me feel relaxed and not at all silly ( that’s how I felt about going) from the first meeting she just asked small subtle things and them remembered everything!!!! She never writes anything down but remembers all you have said. Names dates etc. She has played a […]